The continued integration of renewable energy into Australian distribution networks represents one of the largest economic, regulatory and technical challenges that the energy industry has faced to date. The Clean Energy Council, in collaboration with its members, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and other key stakeholders, has undertaken a comprehensive program of work to address some of these challenges.

The Future Proofing in Australia’s Electricity Distribution Industry (FPDI) project analyses existing and emerging issues while identifying potential future roadblocks to the continued deployment of renewable energy. Ultimately, the project seeks to build the foundations to facilitate the effective and efficient integration of renewable energies in Australia and maximise the benefits of this transformation.

There are many and varied recommendations coming from the projects many tasks and four key areas of work. To see which tasks to investigate click on the stakeholder group that you represent and follow the link to find out how the project relates to you.

Government and regulation

  • Grid integration research stocktake
  • Review of policies and incentives

Grid connection

  • Mid-scale generation and storage
  • Grid connection experiences survey
  • Grid connection standards scoping
  • Priorities for standardisation


  • Valuing small-scale generation
  • Improving electricity use in business
  • Energy storage safety FAQs
  • Demand side management opportunities


  • Technology testing survey
  • Storage safety performance study